Companies at our Sustainability Pavilion (D25) at Paris Space Week 2023

Our vision is to create a greener, cleaner and safer planet from space. We revolutionize operations, maintenance, and sustainability for core industries using satellites and AI. Access continual, near-real-time streams of critical data for utilities, energy, mining, and other core industries. Make more informed decisions and optimize long-term plans. Reduce costs, transform reliability, and achieve sustainability goals.

Aurora Propulsion Technologies is a space supplier solving de-orbiting and satellite operation matters. Our offering is based on resistojet micropropulsion systems and plasma brake based deorbiting devices. Our products are suitable for proximity operations, collision avoidance, attitude/altitude control and deorbiting, satellites and rocket stages.

Kayhan Space is on a mission to bring next-generation automation to satellite operations and spaceflight safety. We are a leader in delivering autonomous safety of flight alerts, notifications, and decision plans directly to satellite operators. We won the PSW Challenge in 2022.
OKAPI:Orbits is an innovative German SaaS startup dedicated to making space travel more sustainable through Collision Avoidance Software for satellites. The OKAPI:Orbits team envisions a safe and sustainable space environment, truly accessible to everyone. We are laser-focused on creating innovative and efficient products to enable safe and secure satellite operations and seamless ground segment integration. As experts in Space Situational Awareness (SSA) and Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST), we offer platform services based on a wide range of flexible modules to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Space Wales is the trade association for the Space Sector in Wales. The organisation published the Wales Space Strategy ‘Wales a Sustainable Space Nation’ in partnership with Welsh Government in 2021 and is keen to promote collaboration to help reinforce complementarity between the Welsh strategy and global ambitions.

Our established Leadership Group & Council consists of members spanning the wide number of Wales’ space-related capabilities, including New Space, Optics, Launch Facilities and Test & Evaluation Centres, with strong academic links through the Wales Academic Space Partnership (WASP), offering a range of downstream space solutions.