PANEL DISCUSSION – Next Space economy – A strategic opportunity for ASEAN

This session explores the opportunities and challenges that ASEAN countries must navigate in order to establish leadership roles in space. It will outline key trends shaping the future of space exploration and launch a discussion on the potential impact of these developments on ASEAN. The panel will feature experts from both the public and private sectors who will provide insights into the latest technologies, business models, and policies related to space activities. Moreover, the session will focus on the potential benefits of investing in space technology and exploration efforts, such as boosting economic growth, supporting national defence and security, and promoting scientific discovery. It will also explore the impact of these developments on societal issues such as poverty reduction and environmental sustainability. Ultimately, the plenary session will aim to shed light on the strategic opportunities and challenges that ASEAN countries face as they look to seize the next frontier in space exploration and innovation for the future prosperity of the region.

Join us on 24th of May 2023.

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